Industrial Thermocouple _TEMPer1K2


Outer sensor  is 1m K thermo-element, you can change  outer sensor for the thermocouple.


1)outer thermocouple  range 0~ +1024℃
2) Resolution:0.25℃
3) Accuracy
a. 0~700℃:  -2 ~ +2℃ ;
b. 700~1000℃: -5℃~+5℃

4) Inner sensor (measure environment temperature ), -40~+120 Celsius ;

5) Thermocouple converter hasn’t isolation  function . USB and the probe part isn’t isolated. (if you need isolated function ,you can select TH1000 iso . this is link :

 6) The automatic transmission function .

You can use excel and Notepad to receive data directly .  “Start / stop” button can start or stop sending data automatically.Opening the excel ,word or Notepad, you can  record data to these texts automatically. In the recording process, if you press the keyboard “capslock “or “numlock” , the  record interval can be adjusted.

7)  Current<10mA

8) Support winnt, winXP , vista ;wind7,Mac

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