New Try

Hi everybody, we have the new product again. It will be best gift for the orderly people and children. Let me show it to you


Product name:   Human sensor lamps
Product Type:    PCsensor1_E27
Input Voltage :   AC80~250V , 50-60Hz
Input current:      light turn on :  5mA @220VAC; OFF   1mA @220VAC
Power Consumption :    about 1-1.5 KWh in half a year
Light-emitting devices:     Effective high brightness LED module,Total of four modules 20 star
LED Color Temperature       □4500K(white)

                                                 □Red □Green □Blue □Yellow □Purple

Luminous Flux:    about 130 LUX (white)
Lifespan:         >30,000 hours
The same light source      25 W incandescent lamp; 8W Ordinary lamps
Optical illumination Ambient illumination <= 5lux, this LED sensor lamp will turn on automatically  (brightness auto-sensing)
Sensitive Distance:     2-5 m
Sensitive Range    Max 120°
connecting types:        E27 thread (Can accept OEM or ODM)
waterproofing grade    Please in indoor use
Using environment temperature:  -30°C~+45°C
Size        Diameter:50mm ; Length:78mm
Total Weight:     35g


1.In the night or dim circumstance, this human sensor lights will turn on automatically if someone moves within its sensitive area

In the daytime or Ambient light strong lights will turn off.

2.LED light source is a DC-driven ultra-low power devices, seismic, impact resistance, non-thermal radiation, safe and stable, reliable
3. It is unnecessary to consider heat dissipation, long life; The light body compact, easy installation; Modern design, sophisticated technology, product series.
4.Energy conservation and environmental protection, the product does not produce waste, all can recycling


1.     Human sensor lamp is the best gift for the elderly . When the elderly wake up at night, the lamp is turn on automatically. It is convenient for them.

2.   It is also best for the mother who need to  look after their children at night.  The lamplight is very soft will not  affect the sleep of children . You also can adjust lamp Angle according to your request.

3. On the Family Bedroom or Washroom: Do you go to the washroom at night ? It will convenient to you. It will turn on only when you  moves within its sensitive area.

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