The traditional testing devices of temperature testing, humidity testing, current, voltage and revolving speed of motor are just for present value. When you need maximum value, minimum value, average value and curve, you must get the historical and successional recording data, it is a time-consuming and arduous work.

When you want to get a recording data of measured value for per sec, it will impossible to get the record for per 0.1s or per 0.01s with the traditional method.

The PCsensor series of RDING TECH (PCsensor) can change this situation. This series can make the sensor or the part of correcting data connect with PC effectively through a easy and practical method. In addition, the continuous data can be recorded in text form, generated curve, data analysis and remote view with our software.

For example, TEMPer is our fist USB thermometer issued in 2006 and now it has developed third generation.

It can transfer the temperature of sensor to the PC through the USB port. It has a metal case which can transfer the temperature to the inner sensor well, and you can put it to where you need to test through USB extended cable. The temperature can be displayed in real-time with our software that can achieve following activities:

 1, Record the data to the file continuously base on your interrecord gap. The file form can be text or csv.

2, Figure out the maximum value, minimum value and average value automatically and synchronously.

3, Synchronous continuous curve and average curve.

4, Send out the collecting data through email continuously or send out when it alarm.

5, Send out the collecting data through MSN. You can remote view as long as you log in MSN through PC or telephone that you can get the data wherever and whenever.

6, You can set the alarm function. When the alarm happen , the system can help you to start the other program or start the executive body such as relay.

7, Read the temperature value without software. If you don’t want to install our software, you can use the Caps lock function. You only need to open a text or excel form, then long press the Caps lock or Num lock for 3 seconds, then the data including date and time can be record automatically. In addition, you can generate the curve with the curve function of excel, or lead the data to your data pool.

8, All product correspond to the standard feature of HID device that can be compatible with various kind systems such as linux,MAC and windows. Especially the caps lock and num lock functions be designed for crossing platform to read data.

Our products have above special function mainly that can increase your work efficiency and the veracity of data.

Our sensor and the data acquisition products are not only have the USB port, but also have the LAN port, 1 wire port and wireless port.

Our new product 1 wire to LAN series also has the above feature. Moreover, the LAN port and 1 wire port fuse well. You can create your thing of internet with the massy framework of hardware: LAN is random network, 1 wire is the unique ID. You can create mature wireless network because of the wireless bridge connection of WIFI router.

Our products support second development. You can insert it to your system with our DLL and development protocol easily as long as you know the easy electron, VB, VC or C#. We can offer you the professional support.